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AFAB (UK) Ltd is an independent consulting company specialising in the field of small to medium scale bio-energy. It aims to build upon the 26 years of extensive work performed by Bengt-Erik Löfgren within bio-energy in Sweden, and offers Nordic companies the following:
  • Product Certification Assistance for the UK market, in collaboration with future test lab partners such as GASTEC at CRE within the UK and the IRETI, Sweden.
  • Promotion of Nordic Bio-energy Heating Products within the UK through Direct Marketing, arranging and representing companies at UK based exhibitions and Demonstration Projects
  • Direct Sales as UK Agent by bidding for UK projects requiring bio-energy heating systems using your products. Includes system specification, project design and management.
  • Sourcing and/or Support for Business Partners/Agents for your company, including manufacturers,full and sub- agents, distributors, installers, and direct sales clients
  • After-sales support for your products following installation providing the valuable client link for ongoing maintenance, service and spare parts. Includes “showcasing” for future sales
  • Facilitate Education and Training within the UK for bio-energy systems and your own products. Includes client, agent, installer and raising awareness in the marketplace.
About Bengt E Löfgren, ÄFAB and IRETISE
“If I do not know how ‐ I probably know who….”

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